The Eco-Preneur of the Year

Honours the work of an individual who has started an impactful eco-venture

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Manufacturing Excellence

A local manufacturer who is addressing environmental issues in their product or operations

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Transportation Mode-Shift 

Recognizing the efforts of a business to reduce transportation emissions and traffic congestion by supporting employees and/or customers to shift from single-occupancy vehicle to carpool, car-share, transit, cycling, walking, kayaking or other

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Greenest Office

Office-based business with impressive environmental practices & policies

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Greenest Restaurant



Recognizing one small & one large restaurant that demonstrate action to reduce waste, energy, water consumption, pollution and greenhouse gasemissions

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Greenest Retail Store

Honouring a progressive retail business which has reduced environmental impact in both operations & products sold

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Technology Excellence

A technology-based business that is addressing environmental issues with their product or service

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Experiential Tourism

Honours a business that is setting an example in eco and experiential tourism

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Lodging & Accommodation

Recognizing an accommodation business that is demonstrating action to reduce waste, energy, water consumption, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions 

Leadership in Design & Construction

Recognizing a business or project within the construction industry showcasing environmental leadership and innovation.

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Maritime Industry Award

A business that is demonstrating environmental leadership in the marine sector

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Food Security

An organization or business working to secure and localize the food economy

Climate Action

An organization or business that is working to reduce/mitigate greenhouse gas emissions

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Social Impact

An organization that has made significant impact on addressing social needs

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Waste Management

An organization or business that has managed and measurably reduced and diverted waste

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Water Conservation Award

An organization or business that has made dedicated effort to conserve drinking water, with measurable results. This award recognizes both results and innovation.

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Community Leadership

Recognizing a business or organization that has contributed to the environmental movement and sparked change throughout Vancouver Island




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